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Our Tax Strategies Will Save You Thousands & Eliminate The Stress Of Tax Season

Our team specializes in helping 1099 workers save on taxes through setting up their own business entity called an S-Corporation. Through an S-Corp, you reduce your taxable income & open up opportunities for more tax credits.



COS can handle everything from setting up the business to filing your taxes. We even offer payroll, bookkeeping and consulting services.

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These guys have made it so easy for me as a 1099 guy. I’ve sold for years and I’ve always fumbled around every tax season. The difference between these guys and a typical tax place is that they know and specialize in 1099.
– Mitchell
I’m new to having my accounting done professionally but I don’t think I could’ve made a better choice. Not only did they save me a TON of money but they are open and so willing to talk to me about everything I need to do and what works best in my situation. I have been recommending them to every person I can think.
– Joshua
I’ve been with COS for about a year now and it’s been a great experience. They are always on top of everything. Tax season is not stressful and is all back of the mind with their help.
– Rachel