Get a free review of your last 3 tax returns to see how much we can help you claim!

At COS Accounting, our goal is to save our clients as much money as possible. Let us look at your last 3 tax returns to see if there is something different you could do to claim a bigger refund!


We will review your tax returns over the past 3 years
The IRS will allow us to look at and amend your tax returns over the past 3 years, including your most recent.


We will find missed opportunities that would have saved your money
Our accounting team will find write offs, deductions and tax credits that had gone unclaimed or skipped over.


We will present a plan with how much you can save
We will show you where we can make changes, our charge to file, and most importantly, how big of a refund you will be getting!

Our average client saves over $4,000 in taxes each year!

“I’m new to having my accounting done professionally but I don’t think I could’ve made a better choice. Not only did they save me a TON of money but they are open and so willing to talk to me about everything.”
– Joshua

“Very organized accounting firm and will do anything to make sure that you have a great experience. They want to help you in any way that they can.”
– Tanner C

Honestly, such a trustworthy firm. Great for setting up S-Corporations or LLCs, super smooth process for my wife and I. Looking forward to all our savings!
– Cooper B