About Us

About Us


At COS Accounting, we strive to be aggressive as possible in helping our clients save money any way they can. Our top services include tax filing for 1099 contractors and helping small businesses claim the ERC Tax Credit.


We were founded in 2019 by Zach Bassett and Mason Warr. These two saw a need, and a way to help independent contractors. We specialize in helping 1099 employees set up LLC’s & S-Corps to help them save on taxes. We offer any accounting service their small business may need, including bookkeeping, backdating and more.


We strive to help the american workforce not only save on taxes, but stop worrying about them all together. We achieve this by helping inform and educate independent contractors, the self employed, and small business owners, understand their options when it comes to their tax situation. By eliminating the stress & worry of taxes, we hope to help these workers focus on what they do best.


We Work For Your Success


Co-Founder & CFO
Zachary Bassett (MTax)

Zach is the Co-Founder, CFO, and Senior Tax Manager of COS Accounting & Tax. With more than ten years of experience specializing in door to door sales, direct sales, and small business taxation, Zach is a vital member of the COS family. Zach's goal of helping more than 10,000 clients become multi millionaires within 20 years; using his "Compounding Net Worth" strategy is inspiring & contagious. Zach coaches over 300 of the top sales rep's, managers, and owners in the D2D industry. He also manages the tax preparation for more than 2,500 clients.


Co-Founder & CEO
Mason Warr

Over the course of Mason's career, he worked his way up the ladder at multiple companies. He became a master of sales and managing people, & was recruited to be the CEO and Co-Founder of COS Accounting & Tax. Mason's management skills are sought after by many, and in 2020 those skills contributed heavily to a 1,000% growth by COS. He currently coaches managers, CEO's, and small business owners on how to replicate similar growth and employee culture. Employees of COS truly enjoy working under Mason, enough even, to give him a nickname, "Mom".


Human Resources Director

Lisa Stevenson is a staple to our business. She is an important part of our day-to-day operations and specializes in psychology and conflict management. Her background has allowed COS to manage its astronomical growth.


Tax Specialist & Accountant

Connor Mickle (BS Statistics with an emphasis in applied analytics, BYU) has been the backbone of COS Accounting & Tax from the very beginning, making sure we’re as organized and effective as possible in managing our clients accounting needs. You can count on Connor to be with you every step of the way.


Marketing Manager

Jake has helped the growth of our company by driving the marketing and outreach efforts. If you have a partnership in mind with COS, he is your guy. When he isn't working hard on helping people save money, he is working part time with the Utah Jazz, doing game day stats.